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  • A 50% retainer fee will be due upon signing your contract. If you choose not to utilize J. Olia Doula Services after the contract is signed the retainer fee will not be refunded. The retainer fee is only refundable for medical reasons related to mother or baby that would prevent me from working as your postpartum doula.

  • I have a fifteen (15) minute grace period at the end of any shift. If I work beyond that grace period, you will be charged each quarter-hour worked plus the first 15 minutes of the grace period.

  • Each family must use J. Olia Services for a minimum of 3 days

  • The schedule can include consecutive or non-consecutive shifts.

  •  J. Olia Doula Services does NOT do major cleaning tasks such as mopping, scrubbing the bathtub, rearranging furniture, washing windows, or yard work. 

  • When asked to run errands I do not advance any money but ask for cash or gift cards to make purchases on your behalf. Receipts will be provided for all purchases.

  • J. Olia Doula Services will not transport clients, babies, or any other family members.

  • Client/s will be required to wear a mask during services or provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test from within the last 48-hours. Once there is proof of a negative COVID-19 test I will allow the client/s to not wear a mask.

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