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Pediatric Sleep Consulting

A sleep consultant supports families who are finding sleep with their child(ren) to be challenging. Sleep issues that a consultant may address vary and can include: early wake-up times, multiple night waking, short naps, bedtime challenges,  and children who are not independently able to put themselves to sleep. After learning about the sleep challenges, a sleep consultant will support the family with implementing their personalized sleep plan created by the sleep consultant. 

Here are the different ways we can support your family:

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

0-16 Weeks

Even though sleep during the first few months of a newborn's life is not consistent and oftentimes rather sporadic, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on implementing healthy sleep habits and building a solid sleep foundation.

Establishing Independent Sleep

4 - 24 Months

At this developmental stage, your baby can now fall asleep independently, and it is appropriate to begin sleep training. Your child may also begin taking longer naps more consistently throughout the day and is able to sleep 10-12 hours through the night. 

Establishing Healthy Sleep Boundaries

2 - 3 Years

During the toddler stage, your child may become resistant to bedtime. With our step-by-step guidance and support, we will resolve the bedtime battles, resistance, and night wakings for a smooth bedtime routine and a full night's sleep.

Our Sleep Consulting Services

How it Works:

Discovery Call


We will spend 30 minutes discussing your child’s current sleep situation, the challenges you are experiencing, what you would like to change, and how we can help you achieve your sleep goals.

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